Gaining Inner Balance in my present organization

Dear friends in HR community

There are certain skills to be experienced than learnt, of course, you may have come across those, during your engagement with people.

Although events can’t always be controlled or defined, our reactions to them could be.  We must learn to respond in a balanced and appropriate fashion to events at work and that is the key skill in fighting stress.

Points to remember

  1. We must not ignore our problems – may be acknowledge then as they arise.
  2. We must avoid people and situations that tempt us to behave in ways that we are not happy with.
  3. We should also try not to be pressurized into making important decisions ghastly.
  4. Be honest and must always be honest about reasons for rejecting our commitment.

I suggest view your problems as opportunities, work on them, resolve, then proceed for success, everlasting learning, commitment and joy.

Always remember, tough situations arrive to test your capabilities and not to judge your character.

Pls feel it and share it

Yours James


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